Państwa europejskieMarket for purchasing fruits and vegetables

Our business is based on import and export of high quality fresh vegetables and fruits. Since the beginning of our existence we have managed to establish cooperation with the most valued fruit growers and planters from the European Union. Among our suppliers are agricultural producers from countries such as: Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Macedonia and Turkey.

Thanks to diversified sources of supply, we guarantee uninterrupted supply. Additionally, in connection with the constant development of the company and the constant pursuit of a richer offer, we are open to broadening the supplier base and the purchase market. We focus on building reliable business relationships - we guarantee the highest quality of our products, regardless of the season.


Trusted and verified suppliers

After many years of satisfactory cooperation with trusted partners, our customers can be sure that fruit and vegetables delivered by our suppliers will be healthy, juicy and of exceptional taste. We work exclusively with certified farmers and fruit growers to ensure that the products we offer are safe and of high quality. For this reason, we source fruit and vegetables from partners in geographical regions where the best varieties are grown and climatic conditions allow us to preserve the highest amount of nutrients and unique flavour. That is why, among others, tomatoes are imported from the best Dutch greenhouses, grapes from Macedonia and citrus fruit from the countries of Southern Europe.